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Welcome to Brickshare, a website founded on the idea that every Lego set comes with extra pieces, so why not share those today with a child who cannot afford Legos. These extra pieces will be made into Brickbots for children to enjoy. I am Alex and have enjoyed Legos since I was 6 years old.

The idea of Brickshare came to me when I realized how expensive toys are! When I understood about how much a dollar could buy, I could not afford my favorite Legos. Legos are a great way to build, use your imagination, create, use math skills, and more. I love Legos, but with every set I found extra pieces. I wondered what I could do with these extra pieces. So over the past 8 years, I started to collect these pieces plus had some pieces from sets that became broken. I knew that I could create something fun out of these extra bricks. An even better idea was to share these creations that I called Brickbots with children who could not afford Legos.

Brickshare helps military children who have parents that are deployed abroad to bring them joy, children who can barely afford the cost of food, and orphans or children abroad who could not afford the cost of a Lego set. We send Brickbots to children who would really enjoy playing with Legos or they can create their own Brickbots out of those pieces.