What is a brickbot?

A Brickbot is a mini Lego creation that you can take apart and rebuild into something of your own creation. All Brickbots are created with leftover pieces of Legos, broken Lego pieces, and pieces donated by you!

  How does Brickshare work?
Tired of your Legos, have extra pieces collecting dust in your house, or have broken Legos sitting in your closet? Over the years, I have collected many Lego sets. Over time, the Lego set breaks which leaves pieces of Legos all over our house. Also, each Lego kit comes with extra pieces. I take these pieces and create new Brickbots that are mailed to children in need locally or around the world. Wouldn’t you want to share your Legos with a child who cannot afford a set? We give these Brickbots to children in need for FREE! Once the Brickbots are created, they are mailed to children around the world!
Do you want to help Brickshare?
All monies and all bricks donated will be used for Brickshare. If you have some bricks collecting dust, just put them in a box. You can mail them to: 24 Southern Hills Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 or if you are in the area, just drop them off. We will do the rest.
If you want to make a donation, just use Paypal. All monies will be used for postage, mailing materials, and cleaning materials for Brickshare only!
  Brickshare Kids
Do you know someone who could use a Brickbot? Do you donate your time to a church, non-profit organization, or other organization for kids? Nominate a child or organization. We will consider all nominations and help those who are in greatest need. Already received a Brickbot? Why not share your story with us? Send us an email at Brickshare65@gmail.com
  Brickbot Drive

Organize a Brickbot drive and ask your friends, sports team, dance team, girl scout or boy scout group to collect small bricks, any minifigures even ones missing pieces, broken Lego sets that are sitting in a drawer or closet collecting dust that can be used to create a Brickbot.

a. If you are in the Orange County, California area, email us and we can arrange for a drop off of the bricks you collected, just email us at Brickshare65@gmail.com
b. If you live outside Orange County, CA area, mail your Brickbots to:
24 Southern Hills Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
1. $Bucks for Brickbots: Collect loose change to donate to Brickshare where we use all funds donated for mailing and supplies for Brickbots. All change adds up and local postage in the US only costs dollars to send.


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